Pick/Pack/Ship Services

Our Fulfillment facilities enable us to accommodate everything from single products to a vast selection of offerings with multiple product options.

The right order on time and every time is our goal with every delivery. We can fully integrate your order entry systems into our WMS for complete order cycle visibility.

Our sophisticated Warehouse Management Software (WMS) helps us to efficiently fulfill your orders with high levels of accuracy. We pack to your specifications and are able to customize packing slips, additional marketing materials or literature and anything else that turns merchandise into your finished product.

We offer a wide variety of shipping options to meet any delivery requirement and are committed to fast, accurate and complete order fulfillment.

With the integration of your order entry system into our WMS, you can follow the order fulfilment process and feel confident that your customers will receive their orders in a timely fashion. Additionally, we can notify you when your inventory gets low, allowing you to quickly refresh our warehouse to keep the fulfilment of orders happening smoothly for your customers.

Additionally, we make sure that your products are packed to ensure they arrive ready for your customers to use. At every step of the process, our team is ready to do what your business needs to provide the best experience for your customers. We also can work with your marketing team to make sure that displays and products can arrive at specific locations within your timeframe with high quality packing and shipment.

Kitting and Assembly Services

We believe that warehousing is more than just providing a space for you to store your inventory. It means being your fulfilment partner for every aspect of your ordering process and also providing a marketing strategy that works for the long-term growth of your business. With our variety of shipping options, we can easily send larger amounts of products to fulfill your largest orders to your biggest customers. Our team works hard to provide the right amount of fulfilment support based on the needs of your business. We can customize your fulfilment process as your business grows, meeting the needs of both your company and your customers.

Dawson Logistics offers a wide range of cost-effective kitting and assembly options. We have significant experience with complex kitting operations, pallet breakdown, shipping individual cases to fulfilling individual orders, creating multi-packs, promotional kits and other products kits for some of the nation’s largest consumer goods companies.

We offer a wide variety of shipping options to meet any delivery requirement. Our experience in kitting, combined with our dedication to exceeding our customers’ expectations and their unique needs enables us to satisfy a multitude of packaging and kit requirements.