Dawson Logistics operates over 1 million square feet of contracted and public warehousing space, strategically located throughout the United States.

No matter what your business provides, our team can create the right warehousing plan to fit your needs. With our wide range of facilities, we employ the latest technology to make sure that your products are packed and shipped in a timely fashion, while also making sure that they are stored to maximize the shelf-life of your products. We also provide a variety of inventory tracking options that can be integrated into your software, allowing you to trigger the shipment of a product once the sale is made.

Our facilities are capable of all facets of warehousing, from handling the most intricate pick-pack services to cross-docking over sized material. Dawson Logistics provides warehousing and distribution services to customers of all shapes and sizes, with needs that vary as much as their individual businesses. Our strategic warehousing locations, combined with best in class processes and systems, ensure cost-effective distribution solutions.

Our Warehousing Services

Contract Warehousing

A perfect solution for companies looking for a customized distribution program in a dedicated facility, strategically positioned for optimal service.  Storage capabilities include dry goods, food grade, pharmaceutical and HazMat.


With integrated Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), RF Scanning, EDI, and Online Inventory Tracking, Dawson Logistics provides your company with secure technology offerings that enhance your supply chain and provide customized visibility of your inventory.

Inventory tracking, management and control

Flawless management of your inventory is our top priority.  With regular cycle counts and best-in-class processes, Dawson Logistics provides reliable, customized inventory management solutions.

Order processing, inbound and outbound

 We can handle your entire distribution process, starting from order origin through vendor management.

Save yourself time by allowing us to process your orders and get them packaged and shipped. We also can assist you in processing and crediting your customers for returns. No matter what part of the distribution process you need covered, we have the tools and resources available. Allow us to handle your distribution so that you can focus on generating sales and growing your business.

Quality control: measurement and management

 We will help to ensure that every package is properly packed, weighed and measured to the specifications of the job at hand, to prevent accidental overages or mis-ships.

Plus, we can make sure that every package meets the specifications for shipping, no matter what shipping agency you are using. With products going out daily, our team is comfortable with the fulfilment process from start to finish, giving your customer a high-quality experience. Plus, your inventory will automatically be updated, letting you know when products need to be replaced to keep your orders going out smoothly.


Our cross docking and consolidation programs can produce significant savings on freight and help mitigate warehousing costs.

No matter what products your business provides, our team can minimize the handling time with our cross-docking strategies that help you provide quality customer service right from the moment they place their order.

Import Deconsolidation

 Rather than make distribution decisions at the country of origin, this process allows your company to wait until the product reaches the port to determine its ultimate destination.  As a result, customers gain flexibility and can allocate distribution based on need and timing.  The retailer can allocate to a seasonal warehouse, distribution center, pool point or directly to individual stores.